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Hey, my name is Julie and this is my nerd cellar. It's where I post all about the things I'm obsessed with like video games, comic books, anime, tv shows, movies, and youtubers.
Right now you'll see a lot of: Supernatural, Rooster Teeth, Achievement Hunter, The Last of Us, Dead Space, Bioshock, Zelda, and of course Minecraft.

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I decided to finally do my 2nd playthrough of The Last of Us and I decided to do it on Survivor…

Guys they aren’t fucking around, okay? Like it was all hahaha how bad could it be and then 5 minutes later you’re all, “HOW MANY MORE EMPTY DRAWERS DO I HAVE TO GO THROUGH BEFORE I FIND A CANDY BAR?!”

On a sidenote, I am still 300% more emotionally invested than any human being should be allowed.

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Aperture; Welcome and Goodbye



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They’re such dorks.

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"Like the cycle of the seasons, the cycle of the Avatar began anew."
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"What’s your go-to face for selfies?"

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burnie looking cute in a beanie on patch #49

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The Last of Us: photo mode - part 4 (Pittsburgh) / ?

"Now you seem to know your way around a gun." - Joel

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top 8 photos of rt staff | caiti ward

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